Cattle Driving

Cattle Driving

What's Cattle Driving?

Cattle Driving In the early morning, cows go outside and climb up the slopes from the cattle barn to eat grass. The scene is like a switzerland ranch! But we don’t have enough time… Before the evening, we have to send the cows back to the cattle barn for milking ...

So we need to "chase the cow" from the grazing ground to the cattle barn, like a "Heidi, Girl of the Alps" !

About the Saito Ranch

Cattle Driving Here is famous for grazing cows cultivate the grassland naturally, as a "ranch cultivated by cows". Rocks and stumps remain on the slopes of the mountain, giving you a unique view.

Cattle eat a wild grass that grow in the mountains, and never eat imported grain feed at all. Therefore, the milk has every season’s taste and aroma.

Let's try tasting milk of Saito Ranch

Cattle Driving After the experience, you can taste Saito ranch’s fresh milk! It is only sell in Hokkaido because it is sterilized at low temperature for a long time, the freshness date is only 5-7 day!


Meeting at the Saito ranch (15 minutes drive from JR Asahikawa Station, 20 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport)
※We will send the map of the ranch after your reservation.

~Take a walk in the ranch. Then start the Cattle Driving experience!~

The tour has finished after enjoying the ranch experience and tasting milk.


Mid May to September

2,500JPY per person
Experience fee
※Child under 5 Years is free

■About payment
Credit card(VISA or MASTER CARD)

■About application
You can get the reservation to click the button below.We will send reservation completion documents and the map of ranch by e-mail in reply. Please have the reservation before 2 days.

■Minimum number of participants
2 people

■About cancellation
Cancellation charge is below;
●After the tour or No show ... 100%