All Biei One day trip Taxi tour

All Biei One day trip Taxi tour

We have arranged the most popular place of Biei for you. Beautiful patchwork road and the Shikisai-no-Oka Hill, the famous blue pond, and other famous places for a day trip! (7 hours)

Depart from Asahikawa City (Hotel, JR station, Airport, etc.)

Biei Blue Pond

All Biei One day trip Taxi tour The blue color comes from the aluminum in the water from the nearby hot springs which reflects the color of the blue sky.Images of the site became popular as PC wallpapers in PCs made by manufacturers some years ago, and the name recognition of the site went sky high worldwide.

Shirahige Falls

All Biei One day trip Taxi tour The beautiful blue shade of the falls come from the aluminum particles in the water that reflect the sunlight to create the vibrant blue color. The falls are beautiful throughout all four seasons.

Farms Chiyoda

All Biei One day trip Taxi tour A ranch where you can touch with animals such as sheep, horses, small animals, and cows. You can enjoy the scenery overlooking the Daisetsuzan Mountain and the ranch from the sightseeing tower. You can also enjoy delicious beef meals at the restaurant.

Lunch at Biei town

Shikisai-no-Oka Hill

All Biei One day trip Taxi tour There are about 30 varieties of flower on display, ranging from lavender, cosmos, lupine, and sunflowers, which you can enjoy from spring until fall every year.

Patchwork Road

All Biei One day trip Taxi tour It offers beautiful rural landscapes around the year. The area's beauty has attracted the attention of marketing professionals, and some trees were used in commercials or for package label designs.

Arrive at Asahikawa City (Hotel, JR station, Airport, etc.)



May to October ※Depending on the flowering situation, the period will change.

Small sized taxi(4seats)39,500JPY per taxi
Large sized taxi(9seats)59,500JPY per taxi
Taxi fee(Lunch fee and parking fee in Blue Pond (500JPY per car) not include)

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You can get the reservation to click the button below.We will send reservation completion documents and the map of farm by e-mail in reply. Please have the reservation before 2 days.

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●The day of tour before starting time ... 50% ●After the tour or No show ... 100%
・If you extend using time, please pay additional charge per 30 minutes.