The list of Experience Tour in Asahikawa

Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting

Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting This is luxurious experience of tasting melons, corns, and fruit tomatoes in Hokkaido field! You've never known the taste of it as fresh until you try!

【Period】Late July to mid August (day tour)

Corn Picking and Tasting

Corn Picking and Tasting Let’s pick up the Hokkaido’s corn that is most delicious in Japan by yourself! You can enjoy both eating it raw fresh and boiled ones on the spot.

【Period】Late July to August (day tour)

Making Pizza in the Farm

Making Pizza in the Farm Let’s make your original pizza with tomatoes and basil harvested by yourself on the farm! After baking it in a stone kiln, you can eat a crispy pizza in the farm!

【Period】Late June to mid September (day tour)
【Fee】Adult 2,500JPY Child 1,750JPY

Harvesting Vegetable under Snow and Lunch

Harvesting Vegetable under Snow and Lunch We dig out vegetables under snow while enjoying playing with snow. After then,try to cook Japanese traditional farm lunch using it with the mother of the farm.

【Period】Late December to March (day tour)
【Fee】2 people Group 13,000JPY~

Cowboy Horse Riding

Cowboy Horse Riding This is a special course that you can try horse riding preparation, grooming, horse trekking through country side in the nature, and cowboy lunch!

【Period】Year round except Thursday (day tour)

Cattle Driving

Cattle Driving Why don't you try " Cattle Driving" at the ranch on a mountain slope like a Swiss farm? You can get special milk of farm that you will never drink!

【Period】Mid May to lage September (day tour)

Cycling in Hokkaido

Cycling in Hokkaido This is full-support cycling tour with a support car for carrying luggage and a guide who is well informed about local road in Hokkaido!

【Period】May to November
【Fee】Depending on the number of participants

Guide tour in Asahikawa

Guide tour in Asahikawa The guide will take you to "things that you can meet only at that time" such as nature, scenery and agricultural products that change with the seasons.

【Period】Year round (day tour)
【Fee】For one group 4,000JPY