Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting

Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting

Let's eat best seasonal fruits of Hokkaido in summer!

Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting Melon is the most favorite fruit of Hokkaido in summer. It is said that Yubari melon is famous in Hokkaido, but the varieties of Melon in Asahikawa are almost same and their taste is equal or more, we think!

Another favorite is corn. Its sugar content is so high that you can enjoy eating the fresh and sweet corn just harvested raw or boiled. It is not a vegetable, but a fruit.

Also, Hokkaido's tomato is actually delicious. The fresh tomato just harvested has original taste. Why don’t you eat these three good fruits?

Why does the fruit taste in Hokkaido so sweet?

Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting Asahikawa is located in a basin in Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido. Here has a large difference in temperature between day and night, which is said to increase the sugar content of the melon. It's the same with corn and tomatoes. It is delicious because it is here.

In addition, you can eat fresh fruits just harvested through this tour, so the taste is even more delicious than usual!

What delicious fruits can you taste?

Melon, Corn, Tomato Picking and Tasting Melon・・・ 1/4~1/3 a slice of melon per person

Corn・・・ Just harvested by yourself 1 corn per person (raw or boiled)

Tomato・・・ Just harvested by yourself as you can eat


<AM10:00 or PM02:00>
Meeting at the farm (20 minutes drive from JR Asahikawa Station, 45 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport)
※We will send the map of the farm after your reservation.

~Please enjoy the activities in the farm, harvest, taseting, etc. (about 1 hour)~

<AM11:00 or PM03:00>
The tour has finished after enjoying the farm experience.


Late July to mid August

2,000JPY per person
Experience fee
※Child under 2 Years is free

■About payment
Credit card(VISA or MASTER CARD)

■About application
You can get the reservation to click the button below.We will send reservation completion documents and the map of farm by e-mail in reply. Please have the reservation before 2 days.

■Minimum number of participants
2 people

■About cancellation
Cancellation charge is below;
●After the tour or No show ... 100%