Cowboy Horse Riding

Cowboy Horse Riding

■Experience Point 1… Preparation

Cowboy Horse Riding To become a Cowboy, it is important to communicate with horses. We will teach you how to communicate through preparing the horse riding, such as grooming, tacking, etc.

■Experience Point 2… horse trekking

Cowboy Horse Riding It is not problem even for beginner, the instructor teach you how to ride gently in the riding ground at first. Once you get used to it, you can go outside. After pass through countryside and into the forest, you can see the wonderful scenery. The view from the horse is also specially!

■Experience Point 3… Cowboy Lunch

Cowboy Horse Riding After going outside for trekking, you will be already hungry. Please enjoy special lunch that prepare in advance before riding.

<How to make Cowboy Lunch>
Put carrots, potatoes and other vegetables and garlic, chicken in a pot. Gather firewood and set a pot on the fire. It will be ready when you return from the outsider. Chicken and vegetables are very soft and delicious!


Meeting at the Clark horse garden (30 minutes drive from JR Asahikawa Station, 40 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport)

Reception, prepare Cowboy lunch.

Prepare the horse riding, grooming, tacking, etc.

Start practice in the riding ground, and the instructor teach you gently how to ride. Then go out for trekking with the instructor. (about 40 minutes)

Eat Cowboy lunch after going outside for trekking(Vegetable stewed chicken, bread, coffee, dessert)

The tour has finished after enjoying this experience.


Year round except Thursday

16,500JPY per person
Experience fee, Lunch fee

■About payment
Credit card(VISA or MASTER CARD)

■About application
You can get the reservation to click the button below.We will send reservation completion documents and the map of garden by e-mail in reply. Please have the reservation before 2 days.

■Minimum number of participants
2 people

■About cancellation
Cancellation charge is below;
●The day of tour before starting time ... 50% ●After the tour or No show ... 100%